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e-mail: isz@uw.edu.pl
tel. (+48 22) 55 32 645


Coordinator of the Action I.3.8. “Establishment of the Institute for Advanced Studies” under the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme (2020–2026)

Prof. Zygmunt Lalak, Ph.D.

e-mail: Zygmunt.Lalak@fuw.edu.pl


Research manager in Priority Research Area II

Marta Kowol

e-mail: m.kowol@uw.edu.pl


Specialist for administrative support of research projects

Joanna Ciesielska

e-mail: joanna.ciesielska@uw.edu.pl


Communication specialist

Agata Sawicka

e-mail: agata.sawicka@fuw.edu.pl