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Priority Research Area II

“Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme

The University of Warsaw is one of ten Higher Education Institutions in Poland which were awarded one of the grants within the framework of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” programme. In the years 2020-2026, the selected HEIs will receive additional funds. The University of Warsaw has earmarked the funding to support 70 actions, either horizontal (university-wide) or assigned to five Priority Research Areas.

Priority Research Area II “Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds”

The Priority Research Area II is entitled “Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds: searching for the cutting-edge innovations. The materials, energy sources, and technologies for the future, enabling balanced growth of science and economy”. It combines research projects in astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and includes fields of study like chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, applications of physics in biology and medicine, nanostructure engineering, nuclear power, and nuclear chemistry.

Issues related to the Priority Research Area II are essential for socio-economic development and inspire cooperation between science and industry, and may be found on the agendas of many international organisations, governments, and enterprises.

Scientific achievements of the University of Warsaw in the fields of natural sciences have gained international recognition. The Astronomical Observatory, the Subatomic Physics and Elementary Particles Group, and the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies are among the most active Polish research teams.

The UW Ochota Campus, which is home to the faculties and academic units conducting research in natural sciences, has been equipped in recent years with state of the art infrastructure and research facilities, often unique on a national scale.

Activities planned under the Priority Research Area II


The activities planned under the Priority Research area II will enable:

  • strengthening research cooperation with renowned scientific institutions,
  • attracting outstanding scientists to the University of Warsaw,
  • supporting excellent research teams,
  • developing state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Cooperation within the framework of Priority Research Area II

The units created under the Priority Research Area II – the UW Institute for Advanced Studies, the AMO Center, the Research Network “Early Universe” – work closely together. They are jointly involved in implementing the Distinguished Visiting Fellowships Programme, supporting the mobility of doctoral candidates and researchers, as well as organising various scientific events.