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About IAS

The UW Institute for Advanced Studies is a newly established virtual unit of the University of Warsaw in the field of natural sciences (astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics). The UW IAS aims to foster cutting-edge scientific projects, to attract exceptionally gifted researchers from around the world, and to promote international academic cooperation.

Units involved in the UW IAS establishment

The Institute’s activities are financed from the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme (2020–2026), within the framework of the Priority Research Area II “Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds”. Learn more about the Priority Research Area II >>

The Institute for Advanced Studies was established jointly by the Faculty of Physics, the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Geology, and the Centre of New Technologies. Prof. dr. habil. Zygmunt Lalak from the Faculty of Physics is the IAS coordinator.

In the future, the virtual Institute may be transformed into a University-wide organisational unit.

Cooperation within the framework of Priority Research Area II

The UW IAS carries out its tasks in cooperation with the Centre for Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics (AMO Center) and the International Research Network, in the field of applications of subatomic physics, astronomy and chemistry, in order to study the Early Universe (Early Universe Research Network). They are jointly involved in implementing the Distinguished Visiting Fellowships Programme, supporting the mobility of doctoral candidates and researchers, as well as organising various scientific events.