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“New Ideas” competition results

Category: Priority Research Area II

8 projects will receive funding from the budget of the “New Ideas” competition. Researchers from the faculties of Physics, Chemistry, and Centre of New Technologies were awarded grants for a total amount of PLN 1,002,480.

The main goal of the competition was to support projects related to the Priority Research Area II “Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds”. The Selection committee has chosen the most innovative ideas that require national or international collaboration and can lead to publications in esteemed scientific journals.

Selected proposals:

  • Dr. hab. Wojciech Pacuski, Faculty of Physics – Atomically thin, large-surface layers of transition metal dichalcogenides with record optical parameters – 150,000 PLN,
  • Prof. Dr. hab. Jerzy Lewandowski, Faculty of Physics – Mysteries of classical and quantum black holes in the presence of positive cosmological constant – 120,480 PLN,
  • Prof. Dr. hab. Robert Szoszkiewicz, Faculty of Chemistry – New ideas for obtaining functionalized nanometric structures on the surfaces of graphene and phase transformations in selected transition metal dichalcogenidesusing thermochemical nanolithography – 150,000 PLN,
  • Prof. Dr. hab. Wojciech Grochala, Centre of New Technologies – Room temperature superconductivity without using external pressure – 150,000 PLN,
  • Prof. Dr. hab. Krzysztof Meissner, Faculty of Physics – O(d,d) symmetry, in string theory and cosmology – 150,000 PLN,
  • Dr. Michał Karpiński, Faculty of Physics – Optical carrier as a synchronizing solution for QKD devices – 92,000 PLN,
  • Prof. Dr. hab. Dominik Gront, Faculty of Chemistry – Novel method for protein structure modeling based on evolutionary data – 120,000 PLN,
  • Dr hab. Mariusz Klimczak, Faculty of Physics, Light and plasma interactions in hollow core optical fibers – 70,000 PLN.

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