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Dr Alexei Vranich, affiliated to the IAS, received an OPUS 24 grant

Zdjęcie Cusco w Peru

Category: Achievements, People

The National Science Centre in Poland has announced the results of the next edition of the OPUS competition. Among the winners is Dr Alexei Vranich, a renowned archaeologist whose visit to the University of Warsaw in 2021 was co-funded by the Institute for Advanced Studies.
The winning project focuses on Cusco in Peru – one of the oldest inhabited cities in the Americas and the former capital of the Inca Empire. It aims to verify official historical accounts that Cusco was just a small town with modest architecture until it was rebuilt in the 15th century.
Archaeological excavations in the area are extremely difficult due to the existing network of buildings and streets. Until now, the problem has been the disturbed archaeological context resulting from centuries of strong urban expansion.
The project will be carried out at the University of Warsaw. It will allow Dr Alexei Vranich to explore the origins of Cusco and discover how this mysterious city became the capital of a vast empire.
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