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‘IDUB research infrastructure’ conference at the UW Faculty of Physics

Category: Events, IDUB infrastructure

Researchers from various fields of life sciences attended the ‘IDUB Research Infrastructure’ conference on 27 February 2023 to learn about the capabilities of selected apparatus at the UW Faculty of Physics. Among the projects discussed were, for example, a pulsed laser, higher purity laboratories, a helium recovery facility and the project to expand the Northern Astronomy Station in Ostrowik.

The opening speech at the event was given by the UW Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Zygmunt Lalak. He spoke about the assumptions of the IDUB programme, as well as the priority activities and challenges facing the University in a broader perspective, including research. The conference was chaired by the Vice-Dean for Finance of the UW Faculty of Physics, Prof. Adam Babiński, together with Dr. Habil. Tomasz Kazimierczuk and Prof. Piotr Kossacki. The conference was also honoured by the presence of the Dean of the UW Faculty of Physics, Prof. Dariusz Wasik, and the Dean of the UW Faculty of Chemistry, Prof. Andrzej Kudelski.

The main purpose of the event was to present the opportunities offered by the research infrastructure at the Faculty of Physics, including that funded by the ‘Excellence Initiative – Research University’ programme . This programme funds the purchase and manufacture of new apparatus, the development of existing laboratories, and the employment of operators of specialised equipment. Funds are awarded through competitions. According to their rules, the research apparatus is available not only to the research team that applied for it. It can also be used by other UW research groups and external users, on terms agreed with the infrastructure project leaders.

The presentations made aroused the interest of representatives of various scientific disciplines and proved to be a prelude to the debate that took place both in the lecture theatre and in the corridors. Thus, the participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and also to make new acquaintances.

The event is expected to lead to new research collaborations. The conference materials, as well as news about the IDUB infrastructure, can be found on the event website, as well as on the IAS Twitter account.

Photos by Jarosław Rybusiński, University of Warsaw