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Meet our researchers: Doctor Przemysław Mróz

Category: Research network “Early Universe”

We would like to introduce you to another young researcher employed within the “Early Universe” research network, headed by Prof. Bohdan Grządkowski.

Doctor Przemysław Mróz works in the group of prof. Andrzej Udalski. He received his PhD degree from the University of Warsaw Astronomical Observatory, after which he completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the prestigious California Institute of Technology. His papers prepared as part of his PhD thesis were published in the world’s most prestigious scientific journals (including “Nature”) and received widespread attention from the astronomical community. The thesis was awarded by the Scientific Council of the UW Astronomical Observatory and received the International Astronomical Union PhD Prize as one of the world’s most outstanding PhD theses defended in 2019 in the field of astronomy. Doctor Przemysław Mróz is also the laureate of the Frank Wilczek Prize awarded by the Jagiellonian University and the Kosciuszko Foundation. He is involved in the use of gravitational microlensing phenomena in astrophysical research concerning, among other things, black holes and dark matter.

The “Early Universe” research network is one of the actions planned under Priority Research Area II. It aims to support, integrate, intensify, and initiate research in subatomic physics, astronomy, geochemistry, and mineralogy at the University of Warsaw, with particular emphasis on areas related to understanding early stages in the evolution of the Universe (read more»).

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