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Prestigious ERC grant for a member of the UW IAS Scientific Council

Category: IAS Scientific Council

Professor Andrzej Dziembowski, a member of the UW IAS Scientific Council, has once again been awarded a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant. His research will focus on improving the stability of mRNA molecules, enabling their use in therapeutic medicine.

While mRNA vaccines have revolutionised the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still significant gaps in our understanding of mRNA metabolism at the organismal level, making it difficult to optimise and improve mRNA-based therapies. It is these gaps in knowledge that the Professor’s team will explore in their ViveRNA project.

The ERC grant gives an opportunity to conduct risky and ambitious research. Receiving it demonstrates the high level of research carried out by the winner.

The ViveRNA project led by Professor Dziembowski could have a major impact on the development of medicine, especially mRNA-based therapies. The research will open up new perspectives for the development of drugs and gene therapies, and its implementation will ensure the strengthening of the position of Polish science in the international arena.

More information on this and other successful projects can be found on the ERC website.